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MODEL Q-40   Compact Inside Groove Diameter Gage

The Q-40 checks the diameter of internal grooves: O-ring grooves and other seal grooves,
retaining ring grooves, thread and grind reliefs, internal slots, pocket depths, etc. 


- Diameter range:    .750 dia to over 10.00 dia. 
- Reach into bore:    4.3 into a 1.250 diameter or larger bore.
- Reach into bore:   1.700 into smaller bores (.700 dia to 1.250).

COMPACT   Overall length is only 7.3- for short machines and tight places.

RETRACTS A FULL  .700  Clears bottlenecks and checks deeply cut grooves.

EASY SETUP    Set with ordinary outside micrometers or items of known size. 
Two-point contact.  Rings or special setting devices not needed.

CHECKS NARROW GROOVES   Checks grooves down to .050 wide.

    For details, click  See Accessories. 
Threads are same 4-48 as used on standard dial indicator accessories.

    Graduations are .0005. Made in USA. 
Gage can also be used with digital indicators and probes.

   Built for
reliable long-term use in the shop or field.
Accuracy that lasts. 

Comes as shown above, with full set of Accessories, illustrated Instructions and Test Report, in a rugged padded Case.

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